Glitchspace is a first person programming game for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and features Oculus Rift Support.

After developing 9.03m, I joined the development of Glitchspace, which was going through various stages of prototyping in regard to the programming interactions, and engine setup. My involvement on Glitchspace was largely in a conceptual capacity in pre-production, and a little in actual production. I left development before Glitchspace went into beta, but was involved through pre-production to alpha.

Much of my initial work involved looking at the game world design, and how the main mechanic would work; the programming mechanic. I was also writing up the design documentation as well as marketing Glitchspace to the press and the public, creating press releases, video trailers, and other marketing materials.

We were invited to present Glitchspace at GDC14’s Experimental Gameplay Workshop.

Before Glitchspace went into beta, I parted ways with Space Budgie.