Space Budgie

Space Budgie was a company I co-founded with 5 other cohorts in early 2013. As the director and designer, it was my responsibility to manage the daily running of the company, give presentations, pitch, design, and build up a list of contacts for the company. I was also responsible for all media elements for the company, such as trailers, and the websites.

During my time at Space Budgie, I had my hand in three projects, Glitchspace, 9.03m, and an investor ready prototype for a client.

My legacy for the company was partly in the project work I developed, but also in terms of the company strategy. My push was for a company developing games that did more than simply entertain, a vision the company continued after my departure in 2014.

During my time at Space Budgie, 9.03m was nominated for 2 TIGA industry awards, and A Scottish BAFTA, as well as getting Greenlit on the Steam platform. Glitchspace was also Greenlit, and we were selected as one of Develop Magazines 100 most exciting start up companies in 2013. In 2014 I was invited to talk about Glitchspace at the GDC14 Experimental Gameplay Workshop. Glitchspace later received a Scottish BAFTA under the Best Game category.

I left Space Budgie in late 2014 and then embarked on a PhD.