Japanese Language Blog

This is a new Japanese language blog which I’m hoping to keep up to date so to not only review what I’ve been learning, but to also put out my progress for others to see, and perhaps learn from.

I’ll use this page as a way for you to navigate the blog, and to set the backstory for my current (31/10/2018) level of Japanese.

I moved to Japan from the U.K. with my family, in January, 2018, and came with little ability in Japanese. I have been doing very light study over the course of 8 years, but with every break I took from it, I lost most of what I’d learnt prior. Since arriving to Japan, I’ve been wanting to speak in the native language, but have been putting it off over other daily things I needed to do – housework – design work – shopping etc. I convinced myself (incorrectly) that I would be able to somehow absorb the language over time. Whilst I have picked up a little from being immersed in the country for nearly a year, the rate is so slow, that I’d probably reach fluency in about 30 years.

Last week I decided to take a more active approach to learning Japanese, so that I can reach fluency in less than my predicted 30 years it would take to learn passively. I’m hoping that I can be comfortable with Japanese, in under 2 years. Let’s hope that this Japanese language blog will help push that goal into the stadium of reality.

Let’s get started!