Some gun design sketches and other notes.

Mattermorphosis is a game I was designing and began development on, as a way of testing some complex adaptive system ideas for my PhD research.

Set on a research vessel in space, your character is a one man security team, who suddenly finds the ship in chaos; somehow the ship has changed, and is also ravaged by a strange organism. The game is a side scrolling puzzle platformer, which is centred on the use of a “matter gun”. The matter gun can de-materialise non-living objects in the game world, allowing you to store the matter, and then reform the matter with different physical properties. De-materialising objects could have adverse effects though; releasing noxious gas; sucking the player out into space; etc.

I began prototyping the de-materialising/re-materialising mechanic, and testing some ideas for the art-style. I will be revisiting this design in the future, as I want to build it in a different engine.

Test of de-materialising.

Test of the bounce material.

Test of a solid material, viscous, bouncy, and slippery.