Welcome to Karl’s Madness (Karl Inglott’s Site)

Hi there!

My name is Karl Inglott, and this is my website; Karl’s Madness. This old thing has been around in many-a-form for over 10 years now! It’s went through many iterations, but I’ve decided to plonk a WordPress down just so I can post important things quickly.

My background is in game design and development. I have worked in many creative teams on various projects. I co-founded a company called Space Budgie, having also taken the creative lead and design on 9.03m. I also assisted with the design direction for Glitchspace. I won a scholarship after leaving Space Budgie, and ventured onto a 3 year PhD, though by the final year was forced to drop out for financial reasons.

I’m now living in Japan with my family, and currently looking for work!

Feel free to browse through the website and read up on what I’m currently up to! Also, feel free to contact me with any questions!

If you wish to see my portfolio, please do so here!

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