Ready, Steady, Roll!

Ready, Steady, Roll! (RSR) was a concept and game developed for the Dare to be Digital 2012 competition.

Teams in the Dare to be Digital competition had 9 weeks to create a game prototype based upon their initially pitched concepts. Teams were made up of 5 members, and at the end of the 9 weeks, the game was showcased at the Dare Protoplay event in Dundee, where thousands of people would view, play and vote for their favourite games.

The original concept for RSR was entitled “Chompers”, and could be described as “A multiplayer Pacman-meets-Katamari Damacy” game.

The concept was that you would control a critter, and have to eat objects in the environment to grow your critter, you would also be looking to eat other players in the level, but only if they were smaller than your critter. The largest critter at the end would win.

We decided as a team to adapt the concept to make it stand out better against the other competing teams. The final concept was a momentum based racing game where you collect pieces of the environment into a “Katamari Damacy”-like ball to gain more momentum, entitled “Ready, Steady, Roll!”. We presented our game to a panel of industry veterans judges, and out of many applicants, were selected as one of the 15 teams to take part in the competition.

My role for the development of the game was primarily as designer, but I also scripted some elements of the game, and was the team leader. You can view one of the final design documents below.