Late Night Diner

Late Night Diner is a game initially designed and developed for the Samsung BADA Student Developer Challenge 2012, in which our team were finalists. The game has since gone through 3 revisions. In the first version built for the Samsung BADA platform, I helped with the overall system design, created the design documentation, audio and music. In the second and third revisions I have also programmed the game. The second in GameMaker in 2D for iOS, Android, and Windows, and have started the latest version in Unity as a 3D game.

The gameplay of Late Night Diner revolves around serving customers at a diner, but this is no ordinary diner, and they are no ordinary customers! The diner is a place where monsters, ghouls, and otherworldly creatures can find their favourite food, and it’s up to you to serve them their correct order, or you’ll get your just desserts! The concept of Late Night Diner was not my own, but my cohort’s (Mustafa Cetiner), but we have worked alongside to help put together a cohesive design. My main role initially was to put together the documentation, the system design, and to put across the design to the rest of the team and the public, as well as oversee the development to make sure it played and functioned as intended.

This is the second revision I built in GameMaker running on Windows, but this build was also running for Android and iOS. I coded the game and reused the sprites and audio from the original BADA version.

The music in the game is still a work in progress, but here is the main theme song. It was created with Propellerhead Reason.

We are currently building the 3D version of the game in Unity, in which I am working on the documentation, and programming the game. This is the 3D environment created by Mustafa Cetiner:

You can see much of the completed 3D assets at Mustafa Cetiner’s portfolio: