Game Jams

During my time at Space Budgie, we worked on several game jam games. Most notably, we worked on a game called Light in the Night, and a game called Konformity.

Light in the Night

Light in the Night was a first person occulus rift game for PC and Linux, and made for the Global Game Jam 2014. The theme for this jam was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”. Our programmer wanted to make a game about light pollution, so I came up with the concept that you walk through a town, turning out the lights, to finally reveal the night sky. My role was as designer, and mapped out the play area, as well as creating an asset list for our artist and audio designer.

I designed the town layout so that the main streets would all point towards the key objective, the power plant. The gameplay was simple – look at the lights to turn them off.

Light in the Night won a local award as the best Global Game Jam 2014 game in Dundee.


Konformity was developed for a game jam at Abertay University called the Jump Jam. The theme was to create a game within the theme of jumping. Our programmer wanted to have many objects jumping in unison, and so I came up with Konformity, a game about conforming to social and political norms. The gameplay revolves around finding people dotted around in the level, and jumping in their vicinity. After several jumps the people will start copying you, and will start following you. Whilst not implemented due to time constraints, you would be able to utilise the jumping power of the vast numbers of followers to overcome level obstacles and puzzles. Once the player had collected too many people, one jump would cause the world to collapse. As well as creating the concept, I also did the level design.